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Top 10 Spring Skincare Tips

Climatic changes can wreak havoc on the skin leaving it dehydrated, blotchy and sensitised. The new Spring Season is the perfect time to reassess your beauty regime with customised skin solutions as individual as you are.


Top 10 tips to get your skin Spring ready:

  1. Know your skin.  Now is the perfect time to get a complimentary skin diagnosis to understand the changes your skin is going through
  2. Layer up on sunscreen.   The beauty rule is as long as there is daylight you need sunscreen. 
  3. Exfoliate your skin.  Even though we should be exfoliating all year round, Spring is the perfect time to give our skin the attention it deserves
  4. Balance your oils.  With the sunny weather comes an increase in our oil flow.  Having the correct cleanser to balance your PH level and keep your oil flow at bay is essential.
  5. Try a face mask.  Give your skin some pampering.  The winter weather can be very harsh on our skin. 
  6. Moisturise.  No matter how much oil our skin produces, we should always use a moisturiser.  Use the Detox Extra-Matifying if your skin is very oily
  7. Get a cream designed specifically for the eye area.  The eye area is very delicate and needs a cream that has a smaller molecular structure to penetrate the area. 
  8. Dont forget your decollete!  The neck area is often exposed to sun unintentionally and can prone to sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. 
  9. Think about having a facial.  A professional target driven facial can be just what your skin needs to transition between the seasons.
  10. Try something new!  Our new Resurfacing Peel is ideal for this time of year.  A gentle peel that resurfaces our skin, renewing and stimulating new collagen growth.  Ideal for fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, dull and lackluster skin.