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Spa Retreats

Conveniently located in Charlestown Square, we have created a space unique to most ‘shopping centre’ beauty salons at our spa retreat, nestled  conveniently close to Newcastle.  We take great pride in our beautiful salon.  Entering our hallway, the ambience is set with dimly lit soft halo lights and melodic relaxation music which is setting the scene for your day spa experience.  Our rooms have been designed with our client in mind offering spacious private rooms which are beautifully lit with candles and soft lighting to create the perfect mood for relaxation and destressing.

At Ella Baché Charlestown our qualified beauty therapists are not only trained in advanced beauty treatments and skin care but also in providing the ultimate experience  by making you and your relaxation their priority and focus while still providing a premier skin care solution. This is what we believe is our key differentiator as you can have a full day spa experience while doing your weekly shopping! If you are lookng for day spa retreats in Newcastle or Charlestown, we know how to spoil you and leave you feeling absolutely delightful.

We’ve made the guess work easy by combining our most popular treatments into a glorious day spa experience to pamper your body and relax your mind.  Our packages encompass a range of internationally renowned Ella Baché treatments including manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. Perfect for gift vouchers, special occasions, the stressed executive or busy mums. 

Indulge yourself and try one of our treatment packages for a true Ella Baché experience of ultimate relaxation at our spa retreat Charlestown.  


Perfect Pamper

The perfect way to get rid of tension and stress

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This express facial delivers a healthy glowing skin in just half an hour.  This sumptuous facial is based on a gradual exfoliation technique suitable for all skin types, enjoyed with a 30min back, neck and shoulder relaxation massage, the perfect way to get rid of tension and stress.

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Irresistable Indulgence

2 hours of pure relaxation and pampering

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Our most popular facial, the Signature facial is a classic, with 7 different types, this facial can be tailor made to suit all skin concerns, paired with a 60min full body relaxation massage, this package is two hours of pure relaxation and pampering

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Ultimate Unwind

This package will leave you feeling relaxed, revived and looking fabulous!

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Our ultimate indulgence package, a very special treat that we should all enjoy at least once in our busy lives.  Our classic Signature facial, 60min full body relaxation massage with a full body exfoliation to revitalise your skin and to top it off, a decadent deluxe pedicure.  Three and a half hours of luxurious treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed, revived and looking fabulous!

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Customised Packages

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From a 1-hour indulgence to an all-day escape, your Ella Baché salon can prepare a beauty treatment to your specific requirements. We also offer wedding ritual and corporate express packages. Simply ask your Therapist for more information.

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