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Book in to have your make-up professionally done by our qualified therapists. 

Ideal for special occasions, our make-up service is convenient, relaxing and the results, simply stunning!   Using only the highest quality Jane Iredale mineral make-up, your skin will look flawless for your special day. 

Just looking for a bit of help?  We will colour match your foundation and make-up and show you how to get the best results at home.

Make Up Lesson

30 mins

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Let us colour match your make up to your complexion and show you how do all the latest tips and tricks to do at home

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Bridal Make Up

1 hr 15 mins

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Our therapists use their expertise to create flawless wedding make-up using Jane Iredale professional products and current techniques transforming you into a radiant and stunning bride! We want you to be confident on your special day.

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Bridal Trial Make Up

1 hr 30 mins

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We recommend a make-up trial prior to your special day. 

We can help you choose the colours and styles that suit you with our specialised range of Jane Iredale make-up.

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Special Occasion Make Up

45 mins

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Imagine having your make up done for you!  Using Jane Iredale mineral make up we can create a natural, radiant or classic look using the latest techniques

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Student Formal Make Up

45 mins

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Using our specialised Jane Iredale mineral make up we can create a beautiful look for school formals and debutants balls

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