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Skin Solution Packages

At Ella Baché Charlestown we want to make the guess work easy.  We’ve taken some of our most popular treatments and put them into packages to suit different skin types. 

At Ella Baché we believe that no two skins are alike, so after a skin diagnosis using Ella Baché’s revolutionary Truview, your skin care Therapist will recommend a plan to suit your skins needs.   Your Therapist will make it really easy for you, she will tell you the order you should have your treatments, the spacing between each treatment and which treatments will complement each other for maximum results.  All you have to do is arrive on the day!

Using a mix of traditional facials with modern technology, under the guidance of your personal Therapist, we guarantee results.   

Our skin care solution packages are very popular in preparation for special occasions, brides-to be, Mum of the bride, photoshoots, formals and many more. 

Don’t wait for the first signs of ageing to start looking after your skin.  Our skin care packages are conveniently planned and discounted to give everyone somewhere to start.



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A moisture quenching treatment for dehydrated skin

3 x Hydra Plumping Facials

2 x Extreme Regeneration Masks

2 x Microdermabrasion Treatments

2 x AHA Resurfacing Peels


Price - $749 (SAVE $111)



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Get rid of sun damage, blemishes and pigmentation

3 x Radiance C Facial Treatments

3 x AHA Resurfacing Peels

3 x Microdermabrasion Treatments


Price - $699 (SAVE $123)


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The perfect treatment for oily, congested skin

3 x Aromatics Detoxifying Facial Treatments

3 x Microdermabrasion Treatments

3 x Exfoliant Boosters


Price - $699 (SAVE $101)


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Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles for younger, more beautiful skin

3 x Eternal Regenerating Facial Treatments

3 x AHA Resurfacing Peels

2 x Photofacials (Microdermabrasion and IPL Skin Rejuvenation)

3 x Eternal Décolléte Firming Neck Masks

3 x Eternal Rapid Results Eye-lift treatment Masks


Price - $999 (SAVE $335)


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Stop fine lines and wrinkles before they start!

3 x Spirulines Lifting Facial Treatments

3 x AHA Resurficing Peels

3 x Microdermabrasion Treatments

3 x Spirulines Rapid Results Eye-lift Treatment Masks

3 x Extreme Regeneration Masks


Price - $899 (SAVE $307)